Technical advice

Free advice for producers during the phases of site preparation, planting and production in relation to fertilization, pruning, plant protection and harvesting of pistachios.

Presentations crop
We make presentations cultivation in order to raise awareness of the culture and all aspects related to production and marketing.
Field visits
Visits are carried out to plantations to assess the on-the-ground characteristics of the pistachio trees and their technical aspects.
Fertilization plans
Our technicians prepare fertilization plans for each of our producers, taking into account each of the parameters that are important as they are, old plantation, varieties, planting pattern, soil type, available irrigation, productions, etc.
Processing center
Visit our processing center to learn about the different processes carried out in getting pistachios from the field to the market.
Training Courses
Classes taught by our expert technicians offer training to producers in different subjects such as, soil analysis, tasks of planting, varieties, fertilization, pruning and harvesting.
Phytosanitary control
Treatment recommendations to maintain the health of the tree and fruit as well as the application of pesticides against insects and fungi.

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